Birthday cards now available

10 Feb

I started the process of printing this first set of Birthday cards by painting the design for the silver layer onto the screen by hand

drawing fluid drying

 using screen drawing fluid. Once this dried, I blocked out the rest of the screen by dragging accross screen blocker with a squegee. Screen blocker takes about a day to dry. I then washed off the drawing fluid with cold water and taped off the edges of the screen. I printed 40 cards with the background silver layer and put them out to dry and washed off the screen.

I then painted the design for the black detail layer onto the screen with drawing fluid.

After the drawing fluid dryed, I applied the screen blocker, waited for it to dry, before washing off the drawing fluid with cold water.

Here is the screen with the screen blocker applied and drawing fluid's been washed off

I then taped up the edges ready to print.

And then comes the brilliant bit. My dad, who can make anything out of anything, made me one of these…

…a three colour carousel with clips instead of the usual hydrolics. Here, all set up, marked out, lined up and ready to go.

So I printed the second layer onto all 40 cards and here I am handing them up to dry.

So, there you have it. Birthday cards now available. I’ve sold 5 already and one has hopefully made its way to my brother (whose birthday it is today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY if you’re reading this).

Improved quality birthday cards now available to buy securely online on Folksy. £2.50 per card or selection of 5 for £10 (plus postage).


2 Responses to “Birthday cards now available”

  1. Stuart (aka The Brother) February 10, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    Thank you for my card. Looks superb.


  1. Fool’s Prints 1 year on « Fool's Prints - January 25, 2011

    […] for weddings, engagements and leaving presents. And soon I got to work on my first mass batch of birthday cards. They were printed with the wrong screen, with the wrong paint but none the less, considering I was […]

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