All the best to Emma!

28 Feb

I’m a believer in friends, more than lovers, more than partners, more than family – all of these categories come second, the people I love are friends first.  Friends are people I care  about because of who they are, not becuase of obligation or duty.

Some friends help define you and show you what a bright place the world is.  When friends who have lived near move to a new city, country or even continent its scary, leaving the world seeming greyer and making you wonder if the friendship will survive the test…One friend who means a hell of a lot is just about to go to Germany.  I’m going to miss her so much but I’m hoping physical distance won’t keep our lives separate.

To remind her of how much I love her and some of the memories we share I asked my favourite fool to make her a card…here’s a photo of it – beautiful non?

thanks for spreading some foolish printing love




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    […] and screen blocker stencil. I set to work on several card commissions for weddings, engagements and leaving presents. And soon I got to work on my first mass batch of birthday cards. They were printed with the wrong […]

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