Hearts and Stripes

3 Mar

On a cold February evening I find myself on a bus, sitting on the top deck where there’s always a seat going. Long day. Too much going around in my head. I decide to swap my usual window gazing as East London wizzes by, for something else. I take out of my bag two spools of fuse wire and a pair of pliers. I cut the wire and I weave. Every now and then I add a bead here and there, depending on my mood. And thats how I make the woven wire hearts on the front of the Hearts and Stripes cards.

I first discovered that you can make amazing things from fuse wire during my GCSE art (quite a while back now). I made this really intricate silver butterfly. A few years after that I tried to make a little wire model of a half pipe with a skateboarder doing an eggplant hand plant (hands up who knows what I’m talking about). Anyway, it worked really well. And so I have returned to make things from fuse wire once more. I’m enjoying doing the hearts. They’re pretty straight forward and effective. I’m going to see that else I can come up with too. If you have any ideas of things you’d like me to weave from wire I’d love to hear from you.


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