Fools and Anarchists

2 Apr

Happy belated April Fools Day!

I hope you all celebrated with a good prank or two. My housemate, who is a teacher, convinced her class with the help of The Guardian that Gordon Brown had a new election campaign.

I haven’t updated this site as much as I would like lately. I’ve been working part time for a small community arts organisation as well as sorting out a playscheme that I am working on in the Easter holidays. Busy times.

Any way, as I type my room is covered in black t-shits printed and hug out to dry. Finally the WAG t-shirts are on their way.

Once infiltrated by the Daily Mail and branded as a “bizar group of misfits”, the Whitechapel Anarchist Group can often be found on a Sunday handing out their local paper on Brick Lane and shouting angrily at the police. Check out their website for the latest east end anarchy news.

Here’s how the t-shirts are looking so far;

Coming soon and available to buy on the internet

Fool’s Prints election special t-shirts


Emma Goldman

Available soon in a range of colours and sizes. £10 a shirt.


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