Our Dreams Will Never Fit On Their Ballots!

6 May

At a gig I was at last night, a wise man summed up the choice offered to us today; A bucket of sick, a swimming pool full of sick or a cup of sick that claims to be minestrone soup. Thanks Attila the Stockbroker for that!

On the number 30 bus route through Dalston there’s a bill board that you can’t help but notice. It’s played quite a part in the election campaign.  Cameron’s smug and airbrushed face was ripped away, leaving only the ominous message ‘the family have not been informed’. A new Conservative Party poster replaced it. That too didn’t last long. And this morning, the morning of the election that bill board read,


Whatever you are doing with your ballot today, I hope to be seeing you out on the streets soon because we are in for a hell of a fight whatever way it goes.

I’ve got my eye on what’s happening in Greece.


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