What I’ve been up to…

24 Jun

I have been working my socks off!

I have enjoyed a couple of days with Hackney Playbus playing at Mudchutes Farm. Thanks to all the children that came along and to all the careers and staff. The playbus have got this really cool toy canal complete with real water. Kept me amused for hours!

I’ve also been doing some 1-2-1 work as a respite worker with a 13 year old. It’s been going well. On Friday afternoon you would have found us in Harrods, me with some bright red Estee Lauder lipstick on (that didn’t come off for about 4 hours!).

I’ve been chasing the Learning Trust about summer holiday playwork and I’m a step closer to finding out when I’ll be working. Fingers crossed.

I have printed a couple of t-shirts that are belated presents for people using the transfers. They are a secret until they are finished and delivered but once they are in the hands of their owners I’ll put some pictures up.

This afternoon I have been putting up some of my art work at Art and Clay’s workspace just off Caledonian Road. They are showcasing the work of their members and volunteers as part of the Open Islington Exhibition. Have a look at their website to find out more and pop along to have a look from this Saturday until 4th July. You’ll find my work directly to your left as you walk through the door. Also Thom Glen’s work is beautiful.

Me and my housies have decided that after a year of disrepair it’s time to move. We went on Friday with some friends to have a look at a 20+ bedroom ex-convent in Hackney. How cool would that be….words pipe dream come to mind. We’ll keep looking for some 6 beds too.

I received an exciting email today after a very professional type meeting last week over a coffee with Michelle about some kids book illustration on the horrizon…ooooooooo….I’m very excited. I’m going to go eat some cherries now for research (only Michelle will understand what I’m talking about).

SOOOOO much going on!!!!!


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