On day 2 of playscheme I learnt…

27 Jul

…that 3 playworkers cannot fill up buckets and water balloons fast enough to fuel a full on water fight.

I also learnt that no matter a person’s experience or level in the inevitable hierarchy, they will always be tempted to be quick to pick up on the short comings of others, especially of their superior. I really think that having a management structure/style that is rigid and managerial in a traditional sense discourages people from being supportive of each other or maybe of even noticing each others strengths and weaknesses. I’m sure we can do this better. I think I find it extra frustrating that this happens in a playwork setting, given the ethos of positivity, listening, responsiveness and focussing on building strength and confidence. We let the children take risks to help them develop and recognise the importance of this but it’s interesting that we don’t do the same for fellow staff. We wait and we let children work things out for themselves, but sometimes we don’t give colleagues the same privilege.

Anyway, I’m off for dinner and more pondering of the day.


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