Fools Day Out at East London Printmakers- Part 2

5 Aug

Yesterday I was at East London Printmakers Studios again for the second day of my two day print course there. This time I got to learn all those bits of knowedge that’ll make my t-shirt printing perfect…(in theory). It was another great workshop and brilliant day and more Charlie Chaplin. Here’s what I produced;

Just one colour and black this time. It’s lots harder on t-shirts than on paper. The screen is different, the paint is different…and here’s me printing paper with paper ink but on a fabric screen and printing fabric with the right screen but wrong ink. It all makes sense now. No wonder the ink on paper is always too think and washes out of the t-shirts a bit too quick. I get it now. I’ve now invested in a set of frame hinge clamps which will hold my screens in place so that I can start registering things properly.

I’m excited! All I need now is time…and a new screen and I’ll be well away. I’ll also be booking myself in to use East London Printmakers Studios’ Open Access facilities to practice my new skills.

Next Wednesday I’ll be back there again to learn how to book bind.


One Response to “Fools Day Out at East London Printmakers- Part 2”

  1. kim August 5, 2010 at 6:47 pm #

    wow .. looks like you’re having a great summer! xx

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