My Foolish quest…

1 Dec

Ever since I first watched Southbank’s own Charlie Chaplin two summers ago, I’ve been on a quest to learn how to be a Fool.

Foolishness is proving to be a brilliant defence against social anxiety. I’ve been learning not only to appreciate friends and family more but also strangers and myself, by learning to embrace the warmth and vulnerability of the clown.

Fool’s Prints has played a massive part in helping me prove to myself that I can achieve a lot with my own initiative and creativity, with more than a little help and encouragement from my friends and family. There’s lots of people shying away from what they really want to do, and it turns out lots of them are more than willing to help out someone who’s taking risks to get to where they want to be. Thanks you lot.

I’m bubbling over with ideas and enthusiasm for community and art projects. I feel like all I need is a kick up the bum and some self belief. Fools don’t think twice before leaping. I think thinking twice is probably a good idea- but once the coast is clear, the Fool in me is what will help me make the leap.

So the question at the moment is- Shall I take a big risk to reach for what feels like the next stage? I’m thinking of taking part in a workshop hosted by the Why Not Institute and ran by the brilliant Angela De Castro. It really will take Foolishness to another level in two ways. Firstly, I’ll be treated to two weeks of discovering the clown’s intelligence and secondly I’ll have absolutly no money left. Shall I do it? Let me know what you think…


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