Make Your Own Cuts!

31 Dec

As promised several months ago I am now starting work on a series of stencils that you can just copy, paste, print out and cut out for free. Make your own cuts to use on t-shirts or wherever else. Cameron doesn’t seem too picky about where he places his cuts; I’m sure you can be more inventive!

So far your options are:

David Cameron from way-back-when’s Hug a Hoodie campaign

Click to enlarge, copy and paste into a document, print it out, cut it out with a Stanley knife, and spray it where you like...

And, by popular demand, Subcomandante Marcos of the Zapatista Army

I’m going to think up some more so keep checking back. I’ll be archiving them on the Making Cuts page. In the mean time, if you do have a go at one of these stencils, I’d love to see a picture of your final piece. Email pics to and I’ll post them up on here.

And if you are wondering who his Marcos guy is, he is the spokesperson for the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) in Chiapas, Mexico. In 1994 the Zapatistas released a declaration to coincide with the North American Free Trade Agreement which amounted to a declaration of war against the Mexican state. The Zapatista Army is predominantly made up of indigenous agrarian people, who believed that the Free Trade Agreement would only make the rich richer and leave the poor worse off than before. Following the release of the declaration, the EZLN took over several towns in their region, They were fought off by the Mexican Army but the government failed to end the movement. Since then, the EZLN have focused on non-violent means and have built strong support globally for their focus on human rights, anti-capitalism and anti-globalisation.

Check out this video of a EZLN action against a military base in their rebel held territory;

And this video. A photo montage of the EZLN with words by Subcomandante Marcos

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


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