Hug a Hoodie

9 Jan

Coming to a hoodie near you soon…

…providing the stencil holds.

In the print workshop yesterday I learnt another important lesson. If there are only the dregs of a pot of photo emulsion left, mix some more (or ask someone who knows how to to mix more). I think the dregs at the bottom were not mixed properly and were probably quite old. The first sign I had that this might be the case was when the two screens I coated took well over an hour to dry. Despite this, when they were dry I continued as normal. The second indication I got was after I had exposed the screens in the light box and I was rinsing them, the photo emulsion that was coming off had a strange rubbery texture. The clear areas didn’t wash clear and the edges of the stencil began to waste away. The Cameron stencil seems ok. We’ll see what happens when I print with it. The birthday card reprint stencil was a bit worse off. I’ve done my best to rescue it. Time will tell. Lesson learnt!


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