Docklands Community Poster Project

16 Jan

Today I went to the Docklands museum. Fascinating history of the creation of London and in particular, the history of the East of London and the Docklands area. There’s a real fighting spirit that I predict is being awoken by the newest wave of attacks on our communities.

A group that really caught my eye was the Docklands Community Poster Project. During the planning stages of the Canary Warf complex, the local people built a campaign to defend their interests, lives and community. Part of that campaign became a grass-roots visual story telling, expressing the feelings and views of the locals.

This is a series of bill boards used to express the local people’s feelings:

The levels in which this visual expression was inbeded into the greater campaign is inspirational. They even managed to get some funding from the local boroughs and local arts boards. Brilliant work!

There’s more example of the group’s work and more information about how they organised at the following websites:

I’d love to help to reignite more creativity in the fight against the cuts.

In London and fancy getting together to get some posters going? Leave a comment or email me at and I’ll get back to you. Maybe we can sort something out.


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