Hackney March(ed) Against the Cuts!

21 Feb

I was at the March on Saturday that around 700 people come out for even though it was raining. Great march and great atmosphere. On 2nd March is when the big vote is happening at the Town Hall- When Labour Councillors give their ok to the cuts. Tell you’re friends, tell everyone you know in and around Hackney to be there for 5.30pm.

Islington have had their vote already and this is what happened:

The vote is happening at Tower Hamlets Town Hall this week too. Think its Wednesday night. I’ll be there- come if you can.

Get along and do what you can!

Hackney March(ed) Against the Cuts!  Nearly 700 people braved cold drizzle on Feb 19th and joined the Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services “Hackney Marchs Against the Cuts”! It was a fantastic turnout and a great march with a great atmosphere with people from all communities of Hackney marching to the sound of a samba band! Banners were there from Homerton Hospital Unison, Hackney Council Unison, Hackney Equity, Hackney Keep Our NHS Public, Day Mer and Gik Der and Anadolu Comm … Read More



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