I do not want to be in Dom Joly’s movie trailer for personal reasons

16 Apr

…that’s not an opionion of mine; I think Dom Joly’s great and I have no idea what his film is about but I recon it’d be funny.

But, that is what I spent last weekend printing upside down onto paper bags ready for his two pre-tour shows that took place this week.

Thursday night myself and my companion headed off to Leicester Square’s independent cinema The Prince Charles where I was excitingly on the guest list!

The show was Dom chatting about all the stuff he’s done so far with clips; from Trigger Happy TV (famed for that phone gag) to present. He did, however seem to miss out This Is Dom Joly which has been a recent find of mine. He’s promoting his new book The Dark Tourist.

I was excited the whole show to see when and how he’d use the bags. It was a very proud moment when he persuaded several people to place them over their heads. I wont give it away.

After the show I was lucky enough to get one of the bags back but this time signed.

Exciting times in the world of Fool’s Prints.

Thanks to Kylie Morris and Rob Allum for thinking of me in times of printing need.


One Response to “I do not want to be in Dom Joly’s movie trailer for personal reasons”

  1. Julie April 16, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    It seems a Joly time was had by all! 😀

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