Referendum blues?

5 May

If, like me, you are overcome today with the feeling this country’s second ever referendum isn’t going to lead to the overhaul of politics that most people would welcome, whatever the turnout and result, then you’re not alone.

If I had to pick a side I’d go for ‘Yes’. Some change has got to be better than none right? And anything to weaken the Conservative Parties attempts to pull apart the welfare state has got to be worth a go.

However, keep thinking big people! Emma Goldman knew it back in the 1800’s (this t-shirt available to buy in my Etsy shop). There’s more to be fought for. We don’t have to settle to answering ‘yes’ ‘no’ questions.

Our dreams will never fit in their ballot boxes.

The fight is on locally. Right now students at London Metropolitan University are in occupation in support of tutors and lecturers after the shock news that 70% of their courses are to be cut! Support them by joining their protest at 12.30 today outside the Tower Building on Hollow Road. Below is the press release…

70% of courses cut- London Metropolitan University Occupied

The Graduate Centre of  Holloway Road Campus is currently occupied by students in protest against Vice- Chancellor Malcolm Gillies’ decision to axe 70% of courses- including Performing Arts, Philosophy and History. Gillies’ decision came as a shock a couple of weeks ago.

A demonstration has been called by the National Union of Teachers and the University College Union  in support of the occupation, which will take place at 12.30pm, tomorrow (Thursday 5th May) outside the occupation in the Tower Building , Holloway Road .

None of the university teaching staff was consulted about the cuts. A majority of the excellent, dedicated tutors are under imminent threat of losing their jobs. Students already enrolled on the courses face an uncertain future. There have been rumours about transfers to other universities with which WE DO NOT AGREE. This statement is our call for help to save our university, our future and our dreams: to keep London Metropolitan University open to everyone, regardless of their social class, wealth and chosen subject of study. The purpose of this occupation is to present the Vice-Chancellor with our demands:



1)   Meeting with Vice- Chancellor

2)   Transparent process and direct communication

3)   University management goes back to HEFCE to renegotiate repayment terms

4)   Vice- Chancellor to accept proposals put forward by staff in HALE

5)   University retracts decision of cuts of ALL courses

6)   Students on existing courses which are being deleted, WILL NOT BE TRANSFERRED.

7)   Free access IN and OUT of the Occupation

8)   No student is victimized following action taken to occupy the space.


There is no other university which offers such a wide range of courses as London Metropolitan. We do not want to be transferred. We are proud to be London Met. Help us save our university and our future.


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