Sometimes life gets in the way of printing

23 Oct

What a crazy few months it’s been.

Personally I have helped support the young person with Aspergers Syndrome that I work 1-2-1 with to start settling into a new school. It’s a real challenge for people with very complex needs to be understood and included in mainstream settings. Staff in schools are all working at capacity and taking the time out to get to grips with a particular young persons needs too often falls to the bottom of the priorities. In the mean time, a fantastic young person it made to feel like they are the one failing. There’s lots to be done. I hope that soon the school will get to grips with her needs and she will flourish there.

I’ve been working on the Hackney Playbus. We’ve been thinking of ways to loby to try to secure funding for spring. We are currently commissioned by Sure Start Children’s Centres and no matter what you have heard about Hackney’s Children’s Centres not being hit by cuts, they certainly are on a much tighter budget. To find out more about Hackney Playbus check out their website  and if you know anyone you might like to support us please pass it on.

I’ve also moved house but still based in Hackney. They say it’s one of the most stressful things you can do and they really aren’t exagerating. Especially when London is facing a massive housing crisis. There just isn’t anywhere coming up for rent and the places that are around seem to be about £100 more expensive a month than they were a year ago. So I find myself in an unusually precarious housing position at the moment, which has led to there being less printing. I’m hoping to get back to it asap.

Things are getting tough and people are fighting back. The Ocupy movement is springing up all over the world, and London has it’s very own occupations at St Pauls and now Finsbury Square. I went to St Pauls the day it started but haven’t been back. What do people make of it?

And we’ve witnessed a serious fight over the eviction of Dale Farm traveller’s site in Essex. I was lucky enough to hear some of the residents speak about what happened at a meeting yesterday. They are going to carry on fighting and the supporters are going to be setting up a Travellers’ Solidarity Network. I hope to get involved. I’ll post more news as I find out more.

The days are getting shorter but the weather is still beautifully mild. It’s been a beautiful Autumn that almost let me believe that it was still summer. With Autumn comes new beginnings. Not so far for me at them moment but I’m seeking them out.

Well, just a quick message to restart the regular posting. Hope everyone is well.


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