50 ways to deal with change

13 Jan

In a recent house move I took a moment to sketch the space I was moving out of. Some people might call this procrastination from packing, but this was the first sketch I had drawn in months. I took out the sketchbook given to me as a gift by a close friend who has now moved away and left a noticable hole in my life in London and without even the usual intimidation of the unimprovable new white pages, I grabbed the nearest pen.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to get into the print studio but with the mulitple other jobs on the go and lots to sort out in the new flat I didn’t have time to organise what I was going to print. I thought of my sketch. With a big stack of black cards sitting there always hoping to have something printed on them, I put the two together.

It was really great to be back in the print workshop, feeling my way around again and printing something that had no pressure, no deadline, no purpose and was uncomplicated.

So, I’ve now got 50 cards with my sketch printed on. 50 little versions of a bit of space and time that no longer exists.

Here are a few (pictured in a corner of the work in progress that is the new flat):

I’m going to use the opportunity to send lots of note cards to catch up with people. And then I’m going to work on top of some of them. I’m going to see what comes out of that sketch. I’ll post any on here that I finish.

Happy New Year to you. Hope you are having some positive new beginnings too.



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