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Custom birthday notebook in purple

31 Mar

Last week I was commissioned to make a purple notebook for someone’s birthday. The only brief was that they liked purple. This is what I made:


60th wedding anniversary memory book

31 Mar

Here is a special book I made for my Nan and Grandad’s 60th wedding anniversary. It is a memory book and photo album where they can reminisce about all the good times.

What to do with all those paintings left behind…

31 Mar

When the Playbus gets busy, full of children under 8 and their parents, there are A LOT of painting created; sometimes the first paintings they’ve ever painted.

Some of the paintings are taken home and cherished but many are left behind. We never know what to do with them and most end up being recycled.

A colleague from the Playbus was off on a trip so I collected the paintings up, got some black card and made a notebook out of them, just for him.

left-over paintings book left-over paintings book left-over paintings book Left-over paintings book


Custom made Women’s Suffrage book finished

12 Apr

I have just finished sewing this hard back book, commissioned by a friend. The outside and inside cover papers are from a replica women’s suffrage newspaper. The spine is shown off by the coptic stitching, with added hints of green and purple.


Look out for more hard back books and more women’s suffrage themed covers coming soon!

One of a kind folding book reaches it’s new owner

25 Jan

I made this folding book as an experiment and was intrigued by all of the different ways that it could be used and worked on. I was very happy when someone bought it from my online Etsy Shop. The book has now reached them safe and sound.

“It was an anniversary gift for my husband and he loved it. Thank you so much :)”

Love it.

Sharing skills to make a beautiful memory book

11 Jan

Recently a friend of mine went to a wedding and wanted to make a very special wedding present. Throughout the big day she took lots of photos and, knowing there wasn’t a wedding photographer, she wanted to make a photo album.

We talked together about what she wanted to book to be like. She found and gave me the perfect cover paper for this unique book (Mr Men!) and I prepared the front and back covers using this paper and grey board.

We set a date and my friend came over. I showed her the basics of coptic single sheet binding. We practiced step by step on some paper. Our first job was to get the photographs in order and stick them back to back in that order. We used double sided sticky tape along each edge, being very careful that the edges lined up. We then pushed 2 holes along the edge we will be binding, each sheet in line with each other and with the covers. Then we set to sewing.Mr Men memory book making

Our paper practice really paid off. I used scrap paper to sew along but all of the sewing on the book was done by my friend and she was very proud to have produced something so special.

Mr Men Memory Book spineMr Men memory book inside cover Mr Men memory book front cover I had a fantastic time sharing my skills, my friend loved gaining new skills and producing such a beautiful and unique book and her friends were over the mood to have a wedding album after all, and such a heart-felt one at that.

If you’ve got a book project that you’d like some help or advice with do get in touch.