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Custom made Women’s Suffrage book finished

12 Apr

I have just finished sewing this hard back book, commissioned by a friend. The outside and inside cover papers are from a replica women’s suffrage newspaper. The spine is shown off by the coptic stitching, with added hints of green and purple.


Look out for more hard back books and more women’s suffrage themed covers coming soon!


Making lines and breaking rules

22 Feb

I’ve fallen a bit behind with the blogging.

The life of a Playworker and maker is a busy one if you are hoping to actually be able to sustain it. I’ve now got three different Playwork jobs each with unpredictable sessional hours. As well as working on Hackney Playbus and 1:1 with a young teenager with Aspergers Syndrome, both of which I have done for nearly 2 years, I have just started working on an Adventure Playground of children with disabilities and special needs based in Hackney. It’s a fantastic and crazy place to work. I certainly can’t say I am ever bored at work.

I am really enjoying being around some amazing people with a brilliant playwork ethos; child-led, rule breaking, boundary pushing, based on the personality of the child not their diagnosis. It’s fantastic seeing the creative ways playworkers use to interact with the kids. For example, there is one child who enjoys going into a particular part of the soft-play area which makes it impossible to get them out and then taking all their cloths off. A team of staff are on hand to initiate all kinds of games that might possibly lead to this child deciding they are going to put their clothes on and come out. Some have included one staff member putting the clothes on and all other staff complementing them loudly on their excellent fashion sense, continuing a previous game of running from a tiger…which obviously requires getting dressed(!) and bursting into renditions of ABBA songs and inviting her to dance. Brilliant. Can you imagine how differently a school (for example) would deal with this kind of behaviour. I LOVE Playwork.

I’ve also been making notebooks and you can see my collection so far here in my Online Shop. Hopefully you’ll see a dramatic improvement in the picture quality of the books as I am learning more and more about how best to present things as well as getting to grips with my camera. I was chuffed recently to recieve a book order from Australia(!!) and wrapped it up like a present to post it. I got some really lovely feedback;

I received the notebook safe and sound. Thank you so much for asking. Its tucked away in a draw waiting for an upcoming trip to Thailand.. I always keep a journal when I am away somewhere. Kinda nice too look back on. Fill it with memories and what not. You did a really good job with it. Will be buying for you again.

Very exciting! I then got a lovely message from someone else on Etsy;

Hello, I absolutely LOVE your a5 notebooks. I’m wondering if you are able to do some with lined pages? I would use them as university books.  I’ve looked everywhere for good quality paper notebooks with interesting cover designs and these are the only ones I’ve found without going “status” moleskine. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Ooooo, how exciting is that! I’ve put off making lined books previously for the simple reason that…I don’t know where to get the lines from. Sounds stupid  I know, but to make an A5 lined notebook you need horizontally lined landscape A4 paper. Haveing looked before I knew I couldn’t buy it anywhere so I drew then lines myself. Here is my first lined notebook (click on the picture to see the inside);

The lines inside are a bit too dark so I’m working on making them more faint before I make more but whatch out for this space if you’re more into lines.

Right. I’m off to enjoy my first proper day off for 14 days after an action packed half term.


Experimental Book Making

15 Dec

I’ve been getting stuck into making some notebooks covered in beautiful fairy tale inspired notebooks. You can find several sets for sale in my Etsy shop but here’s a little taster

Because I’ve been busy making books, I’ve been thinking about books alot. When I go anywhere that has some interesting looking books I can’t help but have a good look and try work out how they were put together.

So, in my over excitement about book making, I’ve put together a prototype of a different type of book. Considering I didn’t really know what I was doing, I think it’s come out very well. Here it is…

I made the cover from some scrap curtain material and added a pocket into the inside of the front cover. The  stitch work on the spine is not only used to keep the book pages together but also to attach the cover, which means you get that beautiful stitch detail. What do you think?

I’m going to work on some ways of fastening the book, I’ve got some ideas already. I think I’ll also keep an eye out for some other cover material as this is quite flimsey…could add to the charm though. Anyone know of any material that might be good for this?


Look out for some interesting books popping up in my shop sometime sooooon!

Aside 5 Dec

There are some new and very exciting notebooks just gone up on my Etsy shop. They look like this…

click on the picture for a closer look

There are more designs in my online shop and there will be a wider selection on their way soon!

Everyone loves a good notebook

25 Oct

I first learned how to make books a year ago in the summer. I was at a workshop at East London Printmakers’ Studio led by the charismatic Richard Roberts.

Since then I’ve made quite a few soft cover notebooks and I’ve even sold a couple! I’ve had some really nice feedback about them too;

The three notebooks were tied together with pretty ribbon, making them especially suitable for a gift.  The paper was very good quality.  I would highly recommend this product.

I was very pleased with these notebooks.  Lovely spring colours!  Very good value too.

And about the set which was my personal favourite:

I am so happy with these. The paper is gorgeous and it’s all wonderfully put together. I will definately be buying from you again xxx



So in these days of slightly more difficult access to printing, I am about to embark on some serious book making. I’ve got some BEAUTIFUL  and unusual cover paper and am experimenting with felt covers. Keep your eyes peeled for more notebook news!


Christmas market time

16 Dec

On Sunday myself and my friend Janice in Wonderland were selling our wares at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club’s Winter Wonderland.

There were lots of stalls selling retro and handmade goods and a really swarve festive atmosphere the like of which you could only find at BGWMC.

However, not many braved the cold to come and be warmed by that festive cheer. Fool’s Prints’ first ever stall was pretty slow to say the least.


Me and Janice in Wonderland will be at Brick Lane this Sunday. You will find us in the upstairs Christmas extension of the Upmarket. Come say hello (and stand next to the stall pretending not to be friends of ours while talking loudly about how great our goods are…). Brick Lane will be super Christmassy on Sunday so come along, join in the cheer, do some gift shopping and come find us!

New to the Fool’s Prints stock are some very special paperback A5 notebooks, perfect for gifts.

Each one has been lovingly hand bound by me and finished with a beautiful selection of retro paper.

The notebooks are blank inside and pages are better than your average cos I used 100mg paper.

They are currently only available at the stall on Sunday, but keep an eye out for them in my online shop soon.

Keep warm!

Oh and if you still haven’t done your Christmas cards yet, don’t worry, I’ve just printed some more. Get your order in and I’ll aim to post them first class the same day.