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Success at Brick Lane (relatively speaking)

21 Dec

On Sunday myself and Janice in Wonderland were at Brick Lane’s UpMarket. When we first arrived, having carried out stock through the snow we were suddenly worried about our lack of stall experience and felt under prepared. Many traders were busy pinning up beautiful fabrics and hooking up powerful spot lights. We spread our table cloths, plugged in our lamp (stolen from my bedroom), and turned on our fairy lights and set about trying to fill our huge table.

We managed it with some success I think.

It kept me amused throughout the day to watch people’s faces as they read the slogans on the aprons and the t-shirts. They made a lot of people laugh and some people think…maybe.

All in all I sold enough to cover the stall with a little bit of profit. That’s good enough for me for now. I’ve just spent it all on booking sessions at East London Printmakers’ Studios Open Access in January.

Thanks a lot to all those friends and familiar faces that came to say hi!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas break. I’ll be back in January with more cake birthday cards  in different colours, and some t-shirts that say what we’re all thinking…

I’m off to go do my application for the Why Not Institute course!