Thanks to Kerrie Jane Stritton

19 May

I first saw this picture of Kerrie’s work in Angus Hyland’s ‘The Picture Book- Compemporary Illustration’.

I tried to find out more about Kerrie but there was a distinct lack of information. I found lots of other people who had links to her work, but all who seem to know no more than me.

I was pleased to have Kerrie comment on my wesite a few months ago. From her comment I made my way to her website. Lots more beautiful things. I was also pleased to find out that Kerrie had been Artist in Residence of Newham Council, creating hundreds of murals with children from the area.

I bought a copy of Crowded Skies. Thanks Kerrie for all of the kind and beautiful additions that came with the book and thank you very much for the free upgrade! I was so excited when it came throught the post.

I’ve been living in East London for nearly 2 years now and I love Crowded Skies. Maybe I’ll fly to the sea too.

Anyway, I am excited about Kerrie’s work and I wanted to say thanks for the book.


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